Fund and Fuel Your Dreams!

On Friday, April 21, I’m bringing Jenny Kassan, the Bay Area-based social entrepreneur and financial innovator, to Pittsburgh for a one-day workshop for women entrepreneurs. It’s an event for women who want to raise the right money from the right investors. Jenny will show you how to raise capital on your own terms. I can’t wait!

This event is for you if:

  • You want to take your business to the next level so you can have more impact in the world doing what you love
  • You’ve heard horror stories about what happens when you bring on the wrong investors and you want to avoid the pitfalls and stay in control
  • You’re tired of wasting time with non-productive capital raising strategies
  • You want to find investors that are the exact right fit for you
  • You find the whole capital-raising process intimidating and overwhelming and you want clarity and support

This event is NOT about how to raise money in the Silicon Valley style where your investors will expect you to grow as fast as possible at any cost so that the company can be acquired in 5-7 years and the investors make a killing. We will not waste your time teaching you how to make yourself more appealing to this kind of investor! Why? Because in our opinion, that model is wrong for 99.9% of businesses – especially woman-owned and mission-driven businesses.

This event IS about designing a capital raising strategy customized to your unique situation, values, structure, and goals. It’s an approach that works for companies at any stage, any size and in any industry.

The workshop will be at The Shop (where else?) and you can buy tickets here. $99 for an early bird ticket is amazing value. And best at all, at the end of the day we’ll invite investors to mingle with you at an investor reception!  You might have imagined that investors look a certain way.  But they come in all shapes and sizes and we’ll be hosting them all.  See you there?

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