Past Projects

We’re adding new ones every day.

4920 Penn Avenue
A little house and garage on main street in Garfield, upcycled, in an under-served neighborhood in Pittsburgh.
429 Firstside
Pittsburgh. First loft. First Time.
930 Penn
This used to be a warehouse. Until Eve turned it into something completely different.
947 Liberty
A small but complex project in Pittsburgh Downtown Historic District.
Liberty Bank Building
From an historic bank building dating pre-1900 to an innovative hub of activity.
Little Pink Houses
Not little, not pink. Three fantastic house retrofits in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh.
The Brake House
This dilapidated warehouse was converted using historic landmark status, carefully restoring its original timbers and gorgeous brick walls.
Tiny House
Big idea.
Vacant Upper Floors
A guide to encourage residential development of downtown buildings with vacant upper floors.