Cities should be fun, incremental, and alive. Watch my TedX talk, “My cure for the common city.”
My urban ‘do tank’ built Pittsburgh’s first tiny house. This is what it looks like.
Something big happened in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood: the city’s first Tiny House!
How can equity crowdfunding be used to spur social activism and impact investing? I moderated this panel at the RealCap Pittsburgh conference to find out.
CityWorks: Bottom-up plans often make the biggest impact in the city.
Equity crowdfunding has opened up a whole new world of raising capital. And a whole new set of legal questions surrounding it. I moderated this panel at the RealCap Chicago 2016 conference that digs deep into the legals details of what you can and cannot do.

Lessons from Weinland Park: Urban Revitalization – a detailed study of Weinland Park’s revitalization and what can be learned towards improving other challenged neighborhoods.